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  • Demolition Derby

  • The Demolition Derby was this weekend. See how it went here.
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  • The ninth annual "Best of the Best" Demolition Derby was held on Friday, August 23 and Saturday, August 24, at the Macon County Fairgrounds Park.
    "Our promoter did a fabulous job," said Park Administrator Rose Kelsh. "I don't think anyone can complain about that derby even though our car count was low."
    According to Kelsh, there were approximately 16 compacts, eight teams for the two-man team derby and 23 full sized cars that participated in the derby. And a total of approximately 8,000 individuals came out.
    "The drivers and the spectators are the ones we have to count on for coming," said Kelsh. "The new promoter this year put on one heck of a show both nights."
    The funds from this event go toward the Macon County Park.
    "We don't get taxes from the County to pay for the park and that's why we have to do this event," said Kelsh. "We did get a capital gains tax but we can not use that for maintenance, only for improvements."
    The Demolition Derby is Macon County Park's only fundraiser for maintenance funds.
    "It is our one event to support the park," said Kelsh. "That is why it is so important for this event to be successful. And I think it was a very successful event this year."
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