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  • Wound Center opens

  • The Wound Center at Samaritan Hospital is officially open. Find out more about it here.
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  • More than 8 million people in the U.S. suffer from chronic wounds of which healing has been impeded by such diseases and conditions as diabetes, obesity, aging and the effects of radiation therapy.
    The opening of the Wound Healing Center at Samaritan Hospital in Macon, MO brings the community state-of-the-art treatment and protocols to treat chronic wounds including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, negative pressure therapies, bioengineered tissues and biosynthetics. Patients may also have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and multi-center studies.
    A member of the Healogics™ network, Samaritan's Wound Healing Center employs a rigorous scientific approach to explore, test, find and develop the clinically proven methods and technologies which reintroduce the body's innate ability to heal. The network comprised of academic medical centers, hospitals and thousands of professionals is committed to advancing wound healing by creating, sharing, and activating wound prevention and care expertise.
    The local healthcare professionals at Samaritan's Wound Healing Center have the opportunity to attend research symposiums featuring noted experts and receive specialized training at the Healogics training facility in Jacksonville, Fla., the largest program of its kind in the nation dedicated to the science of the care of wounds. Despite the high incidence of chronic wounds, a study of 50 American medical schools found that students receive less than six hours of education in the area.
    Likely candidates for treatment at the new center are those suffering from diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, infections, radiation injuries to soft tissue and bone, compromised skin grafts and flaps, and wounds that haven't healed within 30 days.

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