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  • Recovering from strike

  • A Macon man was struck by lightening on Saturday. Read his story here.
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  • All Scotty Kuntz of Macon remembers from his auction Saturday, June 15, was a bang and a blue flash.
    "I woke up and people were just standing over me saying my name," said Kuntz. "I don't remember who they were. I don't remember standing up."
    Kuntz was indirectly struck by lightening on Saturday and was transported to a hospital in Columbia. He was released that evening.
    "They just wanted to make sure my heart rate was ok," said Kuntz. "They did an x-ray and CT scan. Then the next day I had to get about two units of fluid because I was really dehydrated and to help balance my electrolytes."
    Kuntz says that he is doing a lot better since Saturday, but is still sore.
    "My arms hurt. My legs hurt. My chest and stomach hurt. And I have a really bad bitter taste in my mouth that I can't get away," said Kuntz. "And I've also got bruising and blisters on the bottom of my feet."
    But this isn't the first time Kuntz has been struck. He says he was also struck when he was 14 years old.
    "That did a lot of internal damage," said Kuntz. "I just hope this doesn't cause as much damage. But there were a lot of others standing in the rain so I think everybody got lucky
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