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  • Wound Clinic near completion

  • The Hospital Board of Trustees held their monthly meeting. Topics ranging from project updates to increasing payroll were discussed.
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  • On Tuesday, May 14, the Samaritan Hospital Board of Trustees met to discuss topics ranging from project updates to increasing payroll.
    Project updates on the wound clinic, parking lot and ambulance garage were discussed first during the meeting. The wound clinic construction is near completion and will be open the week of June 4. The northern most parking lot behind Total Family is complete. Lastly, was the update on the ambulance garage. All walls are up, roof is complete and interior walls have been framed. Electrical work has been roughed-in and insulation, sheetrock and the doors are in the works. The Ambulance District is constructing the garage and asked if the hospital would pay the cost over 10 years. An agreement has been drawn up with an interest rate of 1.8 percent and will be presented to the Ambulance District at their next meeting. Following project updates was new business.
    The financial report was covered for March showing a profit of $64,252 compared to the prior year net loss of $235,321, with an YTD net loss of $185,731 compared to the prior year of $294,426 net loss. The board was also presented information regarding payroll increases. After much discussion, a 3 percent minimum payroll increase for all employees passed unanimously.
    And with a wound clinic on the verge of opening, the hospital is trying to get staff in order. Three* physicians, nursing staff and hyperbaric techs have already completed training with two more scheduled for training in June and August. Additionally, a contract between the hospital and Dr. Beauchamp is currently in the works. This contract would allow the Wound Clinic Podiatry services four hours per week. Contract negotiations are being worked out at this time, but the hospital decided to offer Dr. Beauchamp $700 for a four hour per week block of time. In addition to staff for the wound clinic, the board also went through medical staff applications. The following applications were presented to the board for approval—Dr. Cheek, Dr. Bong, Dr. Harrison, Paula Barr FNP, Dr. Naugher, Dr. Linder, Dr. Khoury, Dr. Cleaver, Dr. Dabbasi, Dr. Darkow, Dr. Galbraith, Dr. Brooks, Dr. Mian, Dr. Bautista, Carol Timmons FNP, Nola Moore FNP, Dr. Deline, Dr. Fallis, Kathleen Kethcum PA, and Dr. Rytlewski—and were approved unanimously.
    MRI vendors have also been narrowed down to three: Toshiba Atlas, Siemen's Espree and GE MR360. Visits to each vendor have been scheduled. It was also decided by the board to agree to complete the MRI room outside of USDA financing.
    The next meeting will be on June 11 at 5:30 p.m. in the Administrative Conference Room.
    Please remember these notes are in draft form and will not be official until approved at the next regular meeting.
    *The third physician was supposed to undergo training the week the board meeting was held.
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