Macon Chronicle-Herald - Macon, MO
  • Macon Moment in History, May 9, 1980

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  • The following Macon Moment in History was taken from the May 9, 1980 edition of the Macon Chronicle-Herald.
    Pictured at the groundbreaking for the Production Credit Association building location included: David Norton, Norman Peters, Albert Dunham, Jack Lee, Norma Manning, Roger Kohl, Del England and John L. Porter.
    Some of the children celebrating their first communion at the Immaculate Conception Church were: Christina Pinkerman, Doug Fessler, Domenico Pagett, Christy Shatzer, Branden Neer, Jennifer Lake, Sara Hodges, Kortney Gentner and Christopher Sims.
    Golf winners at the Macon Country Club were Marylin Threlkeld and Sharla DiVarmo. Bridge winners were Maudie McAnulty and Mary Usher.
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