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  • Celebrate good times, come on!

  • An incentive party wasn't the only thing middle school students had to celebrate. Learn more here.
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  • "Celebrate Good Times" is playing over the speaker as students file into the Middle School gym smiling and clapping. But an incentive party isn't the only thing these students are celebrating. They are celebrating receiving advanced, proficient or scores 40 points better than last year on their 2012 MAP tests.
    There were 87 students who received advanced and 122 students who were proficient.
    Students who scored advanced got to go roller-skating, to McDonald's for lunch, the YMCA and an end-of-the-day assembly. Proficient students attended half a day of MAP preparation, went to lunch, roller-skating and then the assembly.
    "It is just a fun day to reward students for trying hard on their MAP test," said Julie Smith who is a middle school art teacher.
    "The best part is getting to go to the YMCA," said eighth grader Mariah Gann. "The rewards make it worth studying for and we have good teachers too."
    At the end of the day, students attended an assembly where they were ultimately thanked for their hard work.
    "As we finish up the school year, I want you to think about your effort and your hard work and how that will turn into ability," said Middle School Principal Dustin Fanning. "Keep that in mind not only while in school, but in life. Thank you for giving us a good effort."
    Students got to play a game of "Family Feud" against the teachers, have a dance-off and watch four staff members have a pie-eating contest that ended with most faculty members wearing a pie in their face.
    "It's a lot better than going to school," said sixth grader Caleb Gordan. "But ya know, 20 years from now we'll probably say we wish we were in school."
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