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  • At 7 a.m. Thursday, 25 individuals gathered at Nolands Catering to do what some would call impossible—produce 1,000 salads and have them delivered to individuals of 13 towns by lunchtime. For them, however, the mission has only just begun.
    This was one of three fundraisers members of the Crossroads Christian Church did for the Haiti Mission Trip they will be taking in late February. The first fundraiser was a salad sale as well where 475 salads were sold.
    "We were crazy the first time," said Erin Koch, a member of Crossroads who will be attending the mission trip.
    After all three fundraisers, approximately $8,700 was earned—five thousand of that earned from the final fundraiser.
    These funds will go toward trip expenses of the 11 individuals who are going to Port de Paix, Haiti, as well as toward an additional project.
    "The school we are going to is always needing refurbishing," said Koch. "There may even be things we are doing for individual families while we are there like putting on new roofs or giving the families enough money to do it themselves."
    Riley Koch, 12, plans to assist in the first grade classes while also attending class with kids her age.
    "I can't wait to see all the other girls and see how they live," said Riley Koch. "And to teach them stuff about America."
    Ultimately, these individuals are all headed to Haiti for the same reason—because they felt God called upon them.
    Erin Koch's husband, John, said he prayed, realizing two days later that his family needed to go.
    Some missionaries will be in Haiti for one week, while others are staying for two.
    "Our team really had to pull together to make this happen," said Erin Koch. "So this has been a good trial run to see how we will work together in Haiti."
    Missionaries will leave February 15.
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