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  • Happy 104th Birthday Naomi Curtwright

  • Naomi turned 104 years old on Tuesday.
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  • Naomi Curtwright of Macon wasn't going to be available on her birthday Tuesday.
    "I have a lot to do," she said. "I'm not going to do anything big."
    Naomi turned 104 years old on Tuesday. She still does her own grocery shopping and laundry, takes out her own garbage, goes to church nearly every Sunday, and decorates her own home for the holidays.
    "I clean my house myself," she said. "I love a clean house."
    "The Lord has been very good to me," she said with a smile. "I give him credit for everything."
    She doesn't wear glasses, and only takes two different medications.
    "My memory isn't as good as it used to be, but that's okay," she said.
    Naomi grew up north of Madison. She attended the Pleasant Green School/Church. She said she remembers being a tomboy growing up. She loved to watch and take care of birds. When she found nests in the fields, she would push a stick in the ground next to them so she could find it later. Sometimes, her dad would tease her by kicking the sticks over.
    "My dad loved to tease me," she said.
    "I didn't like doing chores in the house, when I was younger, so my mom gave me the chore of taking care of the garden. I loved being outside," she said.
    Naomi and her husband were married on June 10, 1928, when Naomi was 19 years old.
    After we were married, he looked at me and said 'There will be no fussin''.'
    He told her he had grown up in a house where there was no fussin', and that is the way he wanted it. "We would set down and have discussions," she said. They moved to the Kansas City area where her husband worked for Sinclair Refining Company.
    "I worked at the Jones Store," Naomi said. "My husband didn't want me working. He liked me to stay home."
    "We didn't have any children," Naomi said. "My husband and I did fine."
    "We loved playing tennis," she said. "I love sports, unless it is football. I don't get that at all."
    She lived with her nephew and his family for about 10 years. "I decided it was about time to get out on my own," she said. She was 100 years old. Also, during her 100th year of life she gave up driving her car.
    Naomi has read the entire Bible several times. Her advice for those who wish to listen is, "Just settle down. Accept life as it comes."
    "There is a lot of things in this world I don't like, but I can't change them," she said. "It's unfortunate there is such a drug problem."
    Page 2 of 2 - "I love life," she said with a quick nod of her head. "I really, really do."
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