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  • Candidate face-off: County candidates weigh in on race misconceptions, part one

  • Question: What is the biggest misconception that voters have about you? How do you address that?
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  • Question: What is the biggest misconception that voters have about you? How do you address that?
    Eddie Emery's response:
    I do not know what every voter in Camden County thinks of me, but here is who I am. I am a 28 year resident of Camden County. I am a father of 3 wonderful children. I am a grandfather to a beautiful grandson named Wyatt. I am a husband of 18 years. My family and I attend the Webster Grove Baptist Church on a regular basis. I enjoy hunting and fishing. For 28 years I have proudly served the citizens of Camden County as firefighter. I have spent the past seven years serving our community as a law enforcement officer. I have nine years' experience with the Camden County Road Department. I am a neighbor and a friend. I have spent most of my life serving the citizens of Camden County as a volunteer and as a paid employee. Whether it's 2:00 in the morning during a snow or ice storm or 2:00 in the afternoon in 114 degree heat, I have been there serving this community. As your commissioner I will continue my dedication of serving the citizens of Camden County. I will be dedicated to listening to the citizens of Camden County and applying my common sense, experience and training to finding sensible solutions to their concerns. I will be fiscally responsible with their money and most importantly… I will have an open door and an open mind. How do you address that? The best way to address one's conception of a person is by getting to know them. As citizens we have an obligation to educate ourselves on our candidates and the issues each candidate believes in. I am willing to speak with any citizen of Camden County. They may call me at 573-286-4151 or they can email me at mcfpd920@yahoo.com. I truly enjoy visiting with people and I welcome your calls. Another great way to get to know me is by locating the "For Associate Commissioner 2nd District" section on your November 6th ballot. Then locate the "Write In" blank listed below my opponent's name. Then Write In Eddie Emery and completely fill in the little oval next to my name. I am the most qualified candidate in this race. I have grown up in Camden County. I have worked in our local government. I have the experience, the education and the common sense to lead Camden County. Allow me to serve as your 2nd district commissioner. I believe my opponent is dedicated but his dedication and platform appear to be geared toward state and Federal issues and not what is best for Camden County.
    Cliff Luber's response:
    The biggest misconception is how I'm perceived, personally, by a few in this community. Cliff Luber is a quiet man who loves God, family, community, and country. I'm not arrogant or hot tempered, but one who is passionate about everything I do in life. I'm competitive and don't like to lose, but can still shake hands at the end. I rarely make quick decisions, but seek counsel from several to gain different perspectives before making final decisions. I'm humble and often give credit for good things to others rather than myself. I have a heart for people which stems perhaps from my Dad. He was an important person by man's standards in his occupation. At his retirement, it was mentioned how my dad would always have time to stop and talk to a janitor in the hallway and ask about his family. He always had time for each person in the office, no matter their status. I share those traits. He naturally cared about people. My Dad died seven months later. I was nineteen. My mother was the oldest of five and grew up poor in the hills of W.V. My mother helped round out our family. My parents taught us to have a hard work ethic. I don't smile much, but have a loud laugh and at times cry from laughing so hard. My mind is always thinking and rarely rests. I'm a man, a sinner, saved by the grace of God and ever so thankful for His redemption.
    Page 2 of 2 - I have been told by some of my closest friends during this campaign that I needed to go door to door because that's the way folks get to know me, because it's a shame some who have heard these anonymous, untrue, and vicious lies didn't get to know who Cliff Luber really is as a person. I have spent countless hours this summer sitting in a lawn chair or on a front porch talking to folks about our county. These are times that have been the most rewarding. This is where you find out just how special people are in this community. I have made a promise to the folks to hold meetings with them on a regular basis, in all areas of the 2nd District, to stay connected with them. I believe this is what a Camden County Commissioner should do. Its suppose to be about "We The People." I am very excited to begin meeting in a restaurant or a local coffee shop, as I, and the community get to know each other. Together, we can address the issues and make our community better for everyone. I have been the serious candidate since I filed for the seat on the very first day of filing. I have not filed for Sheriff, or any other office this election year. Our website is: cliffluber2012.com
    Who is Cliff Luber? Those who know him, know his heart and passion. It is not to serve himself, but to serve others.
    *Editors' Note: In an effort to maintain fairness in our election coverage, we contacted all candidates running for the offices in Camden County asking them to participate in a series of question and answer articles prior to the November General Election. The Lake Sun did not set a word limit or edit the responses in any way. Part two will run in Monday's Lake Sun.
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