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  • Fraud activity did not take place on the local level

  • Local law enforcement have received several reports of area citizens having their credit and debit cards being compromised. The United States Secret Service told the Macon Police Department that the fraudulent activity did not take place on the local level. Macon Police Chief Steve Olinger asks citizens to remain dili...
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  • After an extensive investigation into the recent reports of fraudulent activity on numerous credit and debit cards in the area during the months of March & April, the Macon Police Department with the assistance of the United States Secret Service has determined that the fraudulent activity did not take place on the local level.  
    The Macon Police Department has taken nearly 100 reports from victims during this time period.  Similar reports were also received by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Sheriff's Departments in Macon, Shelby, Chariton & Adair Counties as well as other municipal jurisdictions.  
    Macon Police Chief Steve Olinger said, “After working with a local business who voluntarily cooperated with the agencies, we have been able to determine their business systems were not compromised. It is believed that the fraudulent activity was a part of a larger investigation conducted by the Secret Service of a third-party software company which acts as a processor of electronic transactions nationwide.”  
    Chief Olinger further stated,  “It is still possible for victims to notice activity on their accounts after a period of time because of the scope of the compromised accounts and the manner in which the criminal element sells/trades stolen information.  Anyone noticing suspicious activity on their bank accounts should immediately notify their banking institution and report to their local law enforcement agency as well.”
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