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  • Bigger than Macon

  • Three Macon alumni got to perform at the Cotton Bowl in Texas last Friday. Read their story here.
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  • With Mizzou being the red-headed stepchild of the SEC last season, it was incredible to see the boys fight back this year and earn a bowl game—specifically the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic. And three Macon alumni, now Marching Mizzou members, had the opportunity to go to Texas and even celebrate with the football team on the field after Mizzou's Bowl win on Friday, January 3.
    "I'd never gotten to do that before," said Mizzou Senior, 2010 Macon alumna, Amanda McCully. "We got to take pictures with the team. We got to go down where the trophy was presented and they had confetti. It was really cool just being down there celebrating the last game of the season."
    And not only was this McCully's last football game of the season, but also her last game marching for Marching Mizzou.
    "Yeah, that one was a special performance for me," said McCully. "At first I was really nervous cause going from Macon to Mizzou was this huge change. I thought I would do Marching Mizzou one year and that was it. Then I fell in love with it."
    Marching Mizzou has more than 300 members, while the Macon Marching band has approximately 60.
    "Marching Mizzou has the same amount of members as students Macon High School altogether," laughs Mizzou sophomore, 2012 Macon alumnus, James Theriac. "So on a scale it was a really cool, but hard to adapt to. But once you are surrounded by it, because everyone in the band is so friendly and welcoming, you can't help but stick around."
    But it wasn't just the size of the band that intimidated these Maconites at first.
    "Performing in front of a couple hundred people at a high school game compared to 70,000 at a college game," trails off McCully. "It's just terrifying the first time. Just thousands of thousands of people. But then again, stepping on the field for the first time is an awesome feeling. It is just a rush of energy. It is awesome."
    McCully is the daughter of Brian Jaroszynski and Penny McCully and will graduate from Mizzou in 2014 with a degree in health sciences.
    Theriac is the son of Matt and Karla Theriac. He is studying journalism and will graduate in 2016.
    The third Marching Mizzou member is Kavi Surapaneni, who could not be reached for comment. She is the daughter of Lyby and Duane Graves and the late Dr. Ray Surapaneni. Surapaneni is a 2013 Macon graduate and is studying biological sciences.
    "I think it is really cool to go from this 60-person band, and not really know where we were going to go, then end up marching together in something bigger than Macon," said McCully. "It is awesome ... I would do it again."
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