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  • Utility overcharges, downtown Macon and 2014 budgets

  • Utility overcharges, downtown Macon and 2014 budgets were covered at last nights City Council meeting.
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  • Tuesday evening's Macon City Council meeting kicked off with Macon R-I Superintendent Chuck Stockton discussing the overcharges from Macon Municipal Utilities.
    According to Stockton, from October 2006 thru March 2013 the district was overbilled $229,197.80.
    "Municipal Utilities is repaying us $157,248.82, but that is leaving a disputed amount the Macon R-I Board of Education believes they are owed," said Stockton. "That amounting to $60,941.71."
    Stockton also spoke briefly about what those funds could do for the district if returned.
    "It would buy four mobile carts of 30 computers, providing 120 laptops for student use," said Stockton. "It would buy us an one-year old bus to replace an old bus. It would help us buy three computer servers that deliver educational content to students on a daily basis and also provide two years of educational supplies for all k12 educators."
    There was no discussion or action taken by the City Council. This presentation was simply to inform City Council members of the other side of the current issue.
    Board member of the Mainstreet Macon Downtown Association Deanne Hackman also came to update the City Council on the beautification project on Rollins Street.
    "Unfortunately that project which was scheduled for fall will now begin in spring 2014," said Hackman.
    Hackman also discussed a grant the Downtown Association is applying for.
    "Our plan is to hire artists to design murals for selected properties around the downtown area," said Hackman. "We do believe it will be about a $60,000 project. We are not asking the city for any money, but a partnership in allowing us to apply for this grant."
    Hackman did not have the grant application on hand, but the City Council did make a motion to allow Mayor Dale Bagley to sign to grant when presented to him.
    After Hackman's presentation, 2014 budgets for the Board of Public Works, Library, common fund, airport fund, asset replacement fund, capital improvements fund, industrial development fun, motor fuel fund, park fund and project fund were approved.
    Lastly, John Neer was re-appointed to the Board of Public Works.
    The next City Council meeting is scheduled for January 14, 2014.
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