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  • Recent burglaries in Macon

  • There have been several burglaries the last week. Read about them here.
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  • If you have been paying close attention to the Macon Police Department reports, you may have noticed a good number of burglaries and thefts being reported. Last week alone there were four.
    "We have not had a huge influx here lately, but the last two years we have had a large increase of stealing and theft cases," said Macon Police Chief Steve Olinger. "I don't know each person's reasoning behind stealing, but it seems with the poor economy came more crime."
    Chief Olinger recommends keeping your valuables locked up and out of view to prevent thefts. He also recommends utilizing your outdoor lights and make sure all doors and windows in your house are locked.
    "You don't want to tempt people by leaving things in sight," said Olinger. "Burglaries are hard to solve unless you have a good witness or evidence left at the scene, so unfortunately burglaries are very hard to solve."
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