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  • It's electric!

  • They didn't play "Electric Slide" at this electrical safety event, but it was still pretty cool. Read about it here.
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  • Firemen, policemen, EMTs, farmers and more came out to learn about electrical safety on Monday, November 4 at the Macon County Expo Center.
    Kyle Finley, owner of Live Line Demo, Inc., gave the safety presentation in hopes to prevent an electrical accident or death from happening again.
    "You can't hear, see or smell electricity," said Finley during his presentation. "We would rather you call than us have to drag someone electrocuted out of a house."
    The presentation was approximately two and a half hours long, but was packed with facts worth knowing. Finley went over safety equipment, electricity in the home and workplace, what to do if a vehicle accident with a power line occurs and even played out different scenarios of why the power can go out.
    But Finley doesn't just present to Emergency Responders, he presents to kids as well through school assemblies.
    "We don't teach this at school and you are not teaching it at home," said Finley. "The number one killer from electrocutions in the U.S. is from the household outlet. It holds 120 volts which is more than enough to kill."
    Although the presentations were cool to watch, the overall demonstration was for safety.
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