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  • Want to learn more about the Macon County Rescue Squad? Then check this out.
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  • Conta Bealmer with the Macon County Rescue Squad gave a presentation to the Macon Jaycees on Wednesday evening about what exactly the Rescue Squad does.
    "Many people think we are just there so we can run a blue light and siren," said Bealmer. "But we do so much. We do extrication on motor vehicles, farm extrication, recoveries, divers, search and rescue. Basically, we help the ambulance."
    There are 10 members of the Macon County Rescue Squad—all of which volunteer their time.
    "Any money that we get for the Macon County Rescue Squad is from fundraisers," said Bealmer. "The only thing we get help with is the maintenance of our vehicles and the county helps us out with that. And basically that is just tires and fuel."
    The Rescue Squad covers all of Macon County and sometimes even areas outside of the county.
    "Sometimes we can just get there the fastest," said Bealmer. "And as soon as that pager goes off, there isn't anything else in your mind but helping whatever it is that needs to be helped."
    Besides emergency calls, the Rescue Squad also does demonstrations, presentations for the kids and also participates in the Prom Docu-drama.
    "I think these things really have an effect on these children," said Bealmer.
    They also assisted the Macon Jaycess during their first annual 5k Mud Run. For that, the Jaycees donated funds to the Rescue Squad.
    "I don't get paid to do this, but I love it," said Bealmer. "And I'll try to do it as long as I can. At the end of the day, I would rather never ever again run a blue light and siren because that means there is no water rescue, no more car wrecks or farm extrication needed."
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