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  • Four individuals went to Disney, Oklahoma for a mission trip. Read about it here.
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  • When most individuals hear 'we are going to Disney,' they immediately think of Mickey Mouse ears, Goofy and of course the Magic Kingdom. But for Evie Nelson, 12, 'we are going to Disney' has another meaning—Indians.
    See, apart from Disneyland and Walt Disney World, there is also a Disney, Oklahoma—a town in Northeast Oklahoma that is a Cherokee Nation.
    "My daughter has studied a lot on the Cherokee Indians and is very interested in them," said Evie's mother Rona Nelson. "So that is why she wanted to go on this mission trip so bad."
    Evie participated in a mission trip along with Scott Schnell, Ron Richmond and Emilee Butner, 11, from the Macon United Methodist Church to service the Cherokee Nation from Sunday, October 13 till Thursday, October 17. Their work included light construction, food preparation, sewing projects and stocking a food bank.
    The adults focused on household improvements for different families in that community, while the girls focused on documenting activities, kitchen assistance and sweeping.
    "The funny thing about it is that the girls were a little disappointed they had to sweep and wash dishes," said Rona Nelson. "They were hoping to do more, and I told them that they were able to do that while some of the adults did what only adults could do. Once they understood the concept that no matter how menial the task may seem, they were still providing an important task, they were ok. And I think that was an important lesson that they got to learn."
    When the mission team was heading home, they were able to stop in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, which is the Capitol of the Cherokee Nation. The group had the opportunity for a little recreation and visited a living Indian history museum that featured period reenactments.
    "This was Evie's first mission trip," said Rona. "She was excited and wants to do it again, she just wants to be able to work more, which is kind of an amazing thing."
    In 2014, the church plans a return international mission trip to Nicaragua as well as a disaster relief mission trip within the United States.
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