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  • By Sharron Burns
    September is winding down, with definite fall feelings and cooler temperatures. We were blessed with about 1- inch of rain lately. The combines that are harvesting in  the field are covered with dust and dirt due to the dry conditions. We are entering the fall and future winter with very dry times.
    Donna and Jerry Gray attended the baseball games and saw their grandson, Zachary Gray, and his team place first in the Atlanta Tournament.
    Recently, Monty Mc Cray came to visit Linda and Gary Pyle.
    Christy Bristow and Dillon Huddleston were Sunday supper guests of David and Connie Gunnels. They helped Dillon celebrate his 16th birthday.
    Lana and Mike Daniels enjoyed a visit from Cindy Hazley this weekend.
    Richard, Sharron and Amy Burns attended the Lindberg Gathering at the La Plata Baptist Church on Sept. 21. Gary, Nancy, Birney, Jason and Tina Belfield were the hosts. A large group attended.
    Saturday Richard, Sharron and Amy Burns attended the 80th birthday celebration for Sharron's cousin, Reva Stiles of Kirksville. Her daughter Trudy and granddaughter Mattie hosted the event.
    Neighbor Carla Easley visited Linda and Gary Pyle this week.
    Cody Christensen of Central Christian College of the Bible delivered the Sunday message at Gifford Christian Church. Attending were Kirby Bailey, Debbie Newland, Donna and Jerry Gray, Kim and Leighton Shoop, Dean and Marietta Slaughter, Roger Jarman, Donna Kelly, Jean Eliott, Richard and Sharron Burns.
    Nancy Belfield has recently visited her daughter,-in Texas and Oklahoma. She enjoyed seeing Crystal, Randy, Ralph, Vivien and Deacon Murphy in Ardmore Okla. She also visited Katie, David, Austin and Cole in Dennison, Texas.
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