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  • Tim Jones is in the House

  • Missouri House Speaker made an appearance in Macon yesterday. Read about it here.
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  • Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones made an appearance at POET Biorefining Thursday afternoon as a part of a statewide tour.
    “I’m meeting with the ethanol plant to see what this is doing for the local economy,” said Jones. “It’s all about talking to Missourians and seeing their opinions on what we have been working on and seeing what we can do for them in the next legislative session.”
    There has been some talk, however,  that Jones is already seeking a new position—attorney general. When asked if that statement was true, Jones said it was too early to make any announcements of that sort.
    “It’s too early to announce something about anything that may happen three and a half years down the road,” said Jones. “Right now I want to focus on being the best speaker I can be. Meaning serving my caucus to the best of my ability, moving Missouri forward in the areas of tax policy, litigation reform and making sure we have the best education system possible for the children who need to be the skilled workforce of tomorrow.”
    Jones was given a presentation on the history of the ethanol plant as well as a tour.
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