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  • By Verna Buck
    Undergoes Hip Replacement
    Paul Rodrigquez of Elmer underwent hip replacement surgery at University Medical Center in Columbia on Monday, Aug. 26. Recent visitors were Kim and Jake Rodriquez, Baxter Haley and Virgil Pippin.
    Cindy Gwinner, Kevin and Dena Dennis and Mary of Eldon were weekend guests of Virgil and Colleen Pippin and all attended the Rhoades family reunion hosted by Ed and Beverly Rhoades held at the Rhoades homestead near Elmer.
    Mike and Joyce Buck, Eddie Buck, Bobbi Hamlin, W. R. and Barbara Buck, Nancy and Eva were Sunday dinner guests of Verna Buck celebrating the birthdays of W. R., Bobbi and Joyce.
    Nancy Haley of Elmer visited recently with Linda Moore in La Plata.
    Saturday morning visitors of Verna Buck were Evelyn Hager and Corrine Corrick. Mike Buck visited Saturday evening.
    Hospital Visits
    Glen Pippin was admitted to Northeast Regional on Friday, Aug. 2, due to infection in his leg. Stella Tuggle was taken by ambulance to Northeast Regional on Saturday, Aug. 24. Recent visitors have been Sherry Pippin, Billy Pippin, Susie and Janet Tuggle, Harry Tuggle, J. R. and Molly Tuggle, Willie and Mary Tuggle, Cora Voyles, Bobbi Hamlin, Verna Buck, Brother David Gottman, Carl Campbell, Lindsey Evans, Larry Howard of Brashear, Shelly Arth of Carrollton. Glen returned home on Aug. 29, and Stella was admitted to the La Plata Nursing Home on Thursday, Aug. 29.
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