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  • Macon R-I and bullying

  • Want to see what Macon R-I is doing to prevent bullying? Find out here.
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  • Macon R-I does not take bullying lightly.
    "We have policies and procedures against bullying," said Macon Middle School Principal Dustin Fanning. "It's a part of everything we do."
    In addition to these policies and procedures, there is some anti-bullying curriculum taking place at school.
    "All of the counselors work in the classrooms on anti-bullying curriculum, which is identifying what bullying is and harassment," said Macon Middle School Counselor Tera Toll. "We are really working with students on what they can do if they are a victim, what they can do if they see it happening to somebody else."
    In addition to curriculum, there are assemblies throughout the year that deal with anti-bullying.
    "Each year we have at least one assembly on anti-bullying," said Toll. "However, almost all assemblies have some sort of undercurrent of anti-bullying with it."
    Last year there was an assembly with Strongman and Motivational Speaker Bud Jeffries.
    "He did fun things but his main point was anti-bullying," said Toll.
    Jeffries was hit by a car at a young age and spent a long time in a hospital in a full-body cast. Within time he realized he had true strength and gave students the message that bullying is not cool and to be a champion at life.
    But Fanning says anti-bullying is a part of the culture at Macon R-I.
    "It's a part of everything we do," said Fanning. "The way we interact with one another, and we really have to promote the golden rule 'treat everyone how you want to be treated.'"
    There is even a star student program where teachers pick students based on their attitude.
    "The program incorporates character values and those sort of things to bring out the positive things we are noticing in kids and promote that," said Fanning. "Ultimately we are being proactive with is and just setting expectations for kids to meet."
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