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  • Summer work update

  • Lots of work has been done in Macon this summer. Find out what here.
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  • If you have been down Maffrey Street you may have noticed a lot smoother of a drive. Although the road is open, according to City Administrator Allan Muncy, the project is still not quite complete. The right turn lane near Briggs Drive will be lined.
    "The first attempt at paving that street was going to stop at Roe Lane starting at the school," said Mayor Dale Bagley at the August 13 City Council Meeting. "But we were able to figure out ways to get it all the way down to Briggs and get a turn lane. That was big."
    Another large project in Macon near completion is the Macon-Fower Memorial Airport runway.
    "Hopefully by September 13, the airport will be complete," said Muncy. "They are doing the final pouring Wednesday morning and then they'll have to do the underdrains for drainage, finish the lighting and some other minor stuff."
    During the August 13 City Council Meeting, Muncy said the airport was a $3 million project, Maffrey Street was $600,000 to $700,000 and the Roundhouse project was $130,000.
    "We really pumped a lot of tax dollars back into the community this summer," said Muncy. "And I think it really shows."
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