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  • By Pam Burris
     Dean and Pam Burris met Mike Tipton at Brookfield to pick up Mady and Maddox Tipton to bring home on Tuesday.  They stayed until Friday evening.  Mady and Maddox enjoyed playing with Grandma and Grandpa all week.  Wednesday night they enjoyed going to the Elmer Baptist Church fellowship supper and business meeting along with 14 others.  Thursday they enjoyed shopping in Kirksville and getting a surprise.  Friday they went to the La Plata park with grandpa while Grandma attended the Assoc. WMU Planning at the La Plata church.
    Mike and Melanie Tipton of Trenton had supper with Dean and Pam Burris and picked up Mady and Maddox Tipton and spent Friday night with Mike’s parents, Roger and Betty Tipton, and his brother Matt at Macon.
    Pastor Zach and Amy were at Elmer Baptist Church Sunday along with 14 others.  On Aug. 27, they are headed for India for three to four weeks.
    Mady and Maddox Tipton had a good first day of school at Trenton on Tuesday.  Mady is in first grade and Maddox is in preschool for three-year-olds.
    Dean and Pam Burris visited with Donald and Janet St. Clair in Marceline on Monday.

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