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  • The Cents that Make Sense

  • There is a special election Tuesday that needs your participation. Find out what the votes for here.
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  • On Tuesday, August 6, there is a special election being held that needs your participation.
    "The tax is to extend the half-cent sales tax for capital improvement," said City Administrator Allan Muncy. "It's not a new tax, but one that has been collected the last 10 years."
    The main focus of this tax is storm water remediation and city park improvements.
    "If people have pride in their parks, it shows they have pride in their community," said Muncy. "It really plays a factor in economic development. And it's nice to see so many families out there enjoying something that comes at no cost to them."
    In addition to storm water remediation and city park improvements, this tax will also help with improvements of the pool, baseball facilities and more.
    "Last year we had to take out the last diving board at the city pool due to new regulations," said Muncy. "So in the future we will have to deepen the pool, restore it or build a new pool. Either way, it's going to be touchy because there is a lot of sentiment to that pool."
    Due to this tax many city improvements have been made including new shelter houses, improvements to the Round House, the development of a new skateboard park, new equipment at parks and much more.
    "If we don't have the capital improvement tax basically we will go into maintenance mode," said Muncy. "We will have to be very cautious with spending. I can't really imagine us not having these funds."
    Voting takes place at your regular designated polling location.
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