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  • House Bill 253 and Macon R-I

  • House Bill No. 253 could cost the Macon R-I School District anywhere between $400,000 to $700,000. Find out more about this bill here.
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  • On June 5, Governor Jay Nixon vetoed House Bill No. 253 that could cost the Macon R-I School District anywhere between $400,000 to $700,000.
    "I certainly have concerns because we are not in a position where that would be beneficial at all to lose that kind of money in annual funding," said Macon Superintendent Chuck Stockton. "Particularly since we don't have any type of Capital Projects Levy, and we do a lot of maintenance for facilities."
    House Bill No. 253 would create tax cuts for individuals and certain types of businesses as well as increasing taxes on prescription drugs and textbooks.
    "Senate Substitute for House Bill No. 253 is an ill-conceived, fiscally irresponsible experiment that would inject far-reaching uncertainty into our economy, undermine our state's fiscal health, and jeopardize basic funding for education and vital public services," said Nixon in a press release.
    The Missouri Legislature is planning on challenging Nixon's veto on September 14. Between the House and Senate, 109 Representative votes and 23 Senate votes are necessary to overturn Nixon's veto.
    "The potential for veto override from the general assembly is very close," said Stockton. "So it's important that the community and educators alike inform themselves about what the potential consequences of the bill are and let their conscious be their guide as far as what they think their priorities are."
    If the bill does pass and funds are cut, Stockton says he doesn't know where the cuts will take place.
    "We will visit with the community, parents, staff and decide how everyone wants to attack it for coming years," said Stockton. "Whether the community is willing to support some sort of tax increase to make up those funds, making program cuts and if so which ones, or even a combination of both. I can't even speculate where the cuts would be without those conversations."
    Superintendent Stockton plans to meet with Representative Tim Remole next week to discuss the bill.
    "We just haven't discussed this bill yet so my goal is to sit down with him, knowing he supported it, and see what aspects of it he thinks are good and why he supported it," said Stockton. "In the meantime, I just encourage parents and community members to stay informed and really know what the bill entails."
    If the bill passes, Callao will lose between $34,586 to $59,861; Bevier $80,275 to $138,938; Atlanta $68,235 to $118,099; Macon R-IV $54,1124 to $93,676; La Plata $133,791 to $231,561.
    "I can only speak from the local level, but we have a history of being very frugal and very conservative," said Stockton. "Regardless, this will impact the entire state so every school will have to have conversations with their community."
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