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  • A new look for Macon County Sheriff's Department

  • Macon County Sheriff & Deputies are sporting new uniforms. Read more.......
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  • You may have noticed something different about our Sheriff’s Department Deputies—they are sporting new uniforms.
    According the Macon County Sheriff Kevin Shoemaker, the old khaki uniforms had been around for more than 20 years.
    “We not only upgraded out of the 20th century, but also upgraded to something more suitable to our line of work,” said Shoemaker. “We don’t just patrol the streets. We are out in brush walking through briar patches catching whomever so we are meant to have something a little more durable but still professional looking.”
    Shoemaker says the new uniforms are more comfortable, stretch easier, don’t rip, are cheaper and last longer.
    “It isn’t as professional of a look that most street cops wear, so when I purchased them I wanted to see public reaction,” said Shoemaker. “But I’ve gotten a great response. Everybody that I’ve talked to seems to love them. “
    The old uniforms were a Class A uniform that was all khaki. Now, deputies are sporting a Class B uniform with a green top, khaki bottoms and a new patch. According to Shoemaker, sheriff gear generally comes in a traditional brown, but a lot of other counties are starting to mix in the green, like neighboring counties Adair and Linn.
    “These just seem to be perfect for our purpose,” said Shoemaker.
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