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  • City Council hears it first

  • A big announcement was made at City Council Tuesday evening. Find out what here.
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  • If you missed the Macon City Council meeting Tuesday evening, you missed a big announcement made by ConAgra Plant Manager Pat Baumberger—29 employees are being laid off.
    "Over the last three years our volumes have gone down about 35 percent due to some different factors," said Baumberger. "So we have had to look at a different way of running our business here in Macon."
    For a full story on this announcement, make sure to pick up a copy of tomorrow's paper.
    After Bumberger's announcement the City Council authorized Mayor Dale Bagley to approve functions, events and gatherings to be held on city property or infrastructure provided that a person or group meets the requirements of the city. However the Council decided that if Mayor Bagley is unable to do so due to absence, City Administrator Allan Muncy could make the decision in his place. Mayor Bagley was also authorized by the Council to execute an agreement between the City of Macon Municipal Utilities and Benton and Associates pertaining to engineering services in connection with the wastewater system improvements.
    "The whole point in doing the project in phases is the keep costs and customer impact low," said Macon Municipal Utilities General Manager Stephanie Wilson.
    Wilson also discussed recent line workers assisting Hannibal after their storm on May 21.
    Any time there is a storm in the nation or in our region we are on a mutual aid calling list," said Wilson. ""We sent four guys at a time to help, and they were very humble about it. They are happy to go out and help another community that has been hit by a storm and they learn a lot from going to those communities as well."
    Hannibal Mayor Roy Hark sent a letter of thanks to the City of Macon as well as a plaque to Macon Municipal Utilities with the names of everyone who helped.
    "This just shows by working together we can accomplish great things," said Bagley.
    The Council also adopted James Street and Janet Street as city streets.
    During the City Administration report, Allan Muncy discussed his concern with House Bills 331 and 335 being signed.
    "House Bills 331 and 335 will limit us severely on control of where cell towers go within our community," said Muncy. "Before they had to get a special permit and council had to approve it to make sure it wasn't going through a residential neighborhood. But now most of that power will be removed from us by the state."
    Additionally Muncy discussed a Senate Bill that was also signed by Governor Jay Nixon on Tuesday, July 9. The bill re-instates vehicle sales tax on vehicles bought outside of the state of Missouri plus the ones resold.
    Page 2 of 2 - "As far as the bill was written all we will have to do in a two year period is to give residents the opportunity to vote whether they want that removed or not," said Muncy.
    Last but not least was the City Clerk's report. Vicky McLeland discussed Fork and Cork, which will be held on September 7, and the requests made for the event such as: street closings, a waiver of the ordinance banning the serving of alcohol of city streets for the day of the event as well as the waiter of the city's noise ordinance. All requests were approved. McLeland also announced the Community Pool Party will by from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on July 22 at the city pool.
    "We would love to see a good turnout," said McLeland. "Free hot dogs, free soda, free admission. Everything is free."
    The rain date is scheduled for July 29.
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