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  • Luck of the Irish

  • Macon R-I Summer School 4-C students followed the International Agriculture Class in their studies. Find out more about it here.
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  • When Lauren Arnold asked the Macon R-I Summer School 4-C students what Ireland is often called, they all knew the answer was "The Emerald Isle".
    Lauren was one of 13 students and two chaperones who visited Ireland as part of the Macon High School International Agriculture Class trip from June 1 to June 18.
    "My summer school class went on the trip with her," said Lauren's mother Dina Arnold who was the teacher for 4-C.
    "We followed Lauren day by day as part of our curriculum," said Dina. "We looked online to learn about every destination that she stopped."
    On Tuesday, June 25, Lauren visited 4-C to show photos, mementos and speak with the students about her trip.
    With each photo that appeared on the screen, the students responses could be heard as they voiced their recognition of Kylemore Castle and Abby, the Cliffs of Moher, Giant's Causeway or Saint Patrick's Cathedral.
    "You kids are really good," exclaimed Lauren.
    "We traveled with you, Lauren," laughed Dina.
    Lauren also told her young audience about visits to a Waterford Crystal Factory, the place in Belfast where the Titanic was built, a location in Dublin where parts of the Harry Potter films were shot, and the kissing the Blarney Stone.
    Lauren said the weather was nice during the trip.
    "The weather was in the 70s while we were there," she said. "The native people said it was warmer than usual for us."
    Lauren told the students that in addition to learning about Ireland the trip taught them that everything does not always go as planned.
    "We had an unscheduled two day layover in Chicago before we could fly to Ireland," she said. "We didn't have our luggage."
    "She listened to her mother," laughed Dina. "I told her to pack a change of clothes to carry-on with her. Next time I won't have to remind her, she'll think of it herself."
    Lauren also had a little advice for the students.
    "I know it is a long way off, but I really encourage you to take agriculture courses in high school," she said. "It gives you a lot of opportunities. We worked raising money for this trip all year long. We went to school early two days a week for our International Agriculture class to learn about Ireland."
    "I feel it is important for Lauren to share her experiences from the trip, to pay back to the community for their support," said Dina. "The trip would not have been possible without it."
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