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  • Samaritan Hospital Board meets

  • The Samaritan Hospital Board held its regular meeting on Monday evening. Find out what was discussed here.
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  • If you attended the regular Samaritan Hospital Board of Trustees meeting on Monday evening you may have noticed something different. Instead of stacks of papers sitting in front of each board member, shiny new iPads took its place.
    The iPads are to help reduce the amount of paper used for the packets presented to each board member each week.
    The first note during the meeting was that the wound clinic is now open with the chambers in place and that the parking lot and ambulance garage are near completion as well.
    As far as an MRI selection, the choices have been narrowed down to two different machines—a Siemens or Toshiba.
    "They are both good machines," said Samaritan Hospital Administrator Berne Orman. "Either one would be a good fit for our hospital."
    After much discussion of price operating and capital costs, brand backgrounds and service costs, the Board decided to table the selection until next months meeting.
    "It is a big purchase so we need to make sure we are making the right decision," said Orman.
    During the financial report, it was announced that April had a loss of $140,946.
    "There are several things in play here," said Samaritan Hospital Finance Executive Susan Spencer. "Our gross revenue was $115,000 less than the prior month which was a small piece of it and our allowances are up higher meaning insurance, Medicare, Medicaid didn't pay us as much on that gross revenue as they have in some other months. But there are multiple things coming into play that will offset some of these losses."
    * Please remember these notes are in draft form and will not be official until approved at the next regular meeting.
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