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  • Nichols, Lewis request new venue and judge

  • Nichols and Lewis have requested a new venue and judge. Find out all the details here.
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  • Jeffery Jay Nichols and Christopher Demond Lewis III, who were accused of committing a chain of crimes on Easter night that culminated in the stabbing death of a Moberly woman, have requested changes of venue and judge.
    Per online court records, Nichols (via St. Louis attorney David J. Kenyon) and Lewis (via Holt Summit attorney Heather Lee Vodnansky) both filed motions for a change of venue and a change of judge on Thursday, May 30.
    The Missouri State Supreme Court will decide on the identity of that new judge, said Randolph County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Fusselman late Tuesday morning.
    "I'm not sure they might not give them both the same judge," said Fusselman.
    The process for choosing a new judge could take anywhere from 30-45 days, Fusselman estimated.
    He added that the pair likely filed the joint motion for both judge and venue change so that they wouldn't lose their right to one or the other later down the line.
    Fusselman said that he has discussed with Lewis' attorneys the possibility of moving the case into Boone County with a jury of peers from a different county presiding. He hinted that counties in south Missouri will be targeted for this jury pool, as their knowledge of the case would be very limited, if non-existent.
    Nichols and Lewis are facing the death penalty on 19 felony charges, including the shootings of two people in the rural Huntsville area, the physical assault of another, and the stabbing death of 92-year-old Moberly resident Carmelita Kaser, along with several felony thefts.
    On May 19, the duo pled not guilty to all charges.
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