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  • 2012 Outstanding Woman Leader

  • The Macon Women of Today announced 2012's Outstanding Woman Leader. Find out who was selected here.
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  • Outstanding women leaders are women in our county who contribute to the well-being of our communities, balance their homes and families, and share their talents with others to make a richer environment for all. And this year, the Macon Women of Today announced Linda Truitt as the 2012 Outstanding Woman Leader.
    "I'm happy to receive such a wonderful honor," said Truitt. "Many people have helped me throughout my life. I believe that people working together can always make a difference."
    Truitt was born in Shelby County. She graduated from Shelbyville High School in 1957 and graduated from Truman State University in 1980. She has worked several jobs as a home childcare provider, special education teacher and factory worker. She is the coordinator for the Emergency Food Pantry, a Macon County Ministries Board Member, Chairperson of church emergency home meal program, Disciples Women member at First Christian Church and Member of the scholarship team at First Christian Church. And most recent title addition is author of children's book, "My Momma Comes Back."
    "My hope was not that I will ever be rich or famous," said Truitt. "But that I might be able to take the stress and anxiety out of some peoples lives."
    In addition to her jobs, Truitt is a cancer survivor, a congestive heart failure survivor and had a cardiac ablation at Mayo Clinic.
    "If you want something bad enough and it's within your reach and in your power to get it, you best be getting at getting it," said Truitt. "It's all about making a difference. And you can make a difference whether you are five or 74."
    Truitt will attend a Women of Today luncheon in Kansas City along with other chapter Outstanding Women Leaders. She is in the running to become the Missouri Women of Today Outstanding Woman Leader.
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