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  • Prom Docu-Drama

  • The Macon Police Department presented its fourth Project Prom Docu-Drama on Monday in the Macon High School parking lot. Find out more about the docu-drama here.
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  • A pool of blood is streaming from a young lady who is face down in a flipped Chevy truck. Screams can be heard from two girls trapped inside a nearby totaled black Ford Taurus. And orders to emergency responders can be heard over a loud speaker. This scene may seem gruesome... only because it is. Luckily this scene and the screams are only an act.
    The Macon Police Department presented its fourth Project Prom Docu-Drama on Monday in the Macon High School parking lot. The docu-drama was a simulation of a vehicle crash caused by a teen who was drinking after prom and crashed into another vehicle.
    "We just want to give a life lesson to students about how their behavior can lead to permanent consequences," said Macon Police Department Secretary Modeste Ewing. "We don't want them out drinking on prom night and something terrible happen like we see unfolding here."
    During the scenario, Macon High School students as well as some Bevier students witnessed these car-accident victims get cut out of a car, cared for by emergency crews and even airlifted by medical helicopters.
    "It was a lot more realistic than I thought it would be," said Chelsea Cook.
    Cook played the drunk driver in the scenario. She was given a field sobriety test by a Missouri State Highway Patrol Officer and was even arrested for DUI during the skit.
    "A lot of things went through my mind," said Cook. "I didn't expect to cry."
    After the outdoor scenario, students filed into the gym to watch the Missouri State Highway Patrol video "Gone Too Soon," and then attend a visitation—casket and all.
    "I want you to think about how this would feel if it were one of your friends at a real funeral home," said Sergeant Brent Bernhardt. "Doing the right thing is what this is all about."
    Natalie Smith played the student who didn't survive the accident. She was in the casket as students filed out of the gymnasium. Her parents even by her side.
    "It was very unnerving to see her out there," said Anna Smith, Natalie Smith's mother.
    The docu-drama was in honor and memory of all those who lost their lives due to alcohol related accidents. The individuals who helped with the docu-drama include: Macon Police Department, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Macon County Sheriff's Office, Macon County Rescue Squad, Macon County Ambulance, Macon City Fire Department, Macon Rural Fire Department, Staff for Life, Air Evac, Macon County Enhanced 911, Macon County Coroner, Macon High School, Still Towing, LLC; Sherry's Flowers, Macon City Street Department and Macon Economic Development Center.
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