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by Antonio Prokup
The Strongest People Have Struggled
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By Antonio Prokup
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The strongest people I know are people who have struggled in some way in their life.  I love this statement because I believe this relates to me more than anything in this world.  I believe that if you are forced with struggles and complications and use god to help you through, you can find the answer to anything and succeed.  The problems you face force you to continually better yourself within your own life and the life you have with God.  I have had my share of problems that I have had to work on daily, and I believe I am a better and more caring person because of those problems.  Because I experience difficulties, I have more sympathy for others with problems.  I find I want to help others more because I think I should share my successes with others.  All of this is reason to believe that I grow stronger each day because I am faced with struggles and complications.

I think those people who fly through life facing no major stumbling blocks expect the best in all situations, and when that doesn’t happen, they just quit, or move on.  They have always had things easy so they have not forced themselves to be better.  They really have no idea how great they can be because they have not pushed themselves.  If they were to stumble and fall, they would see what they are made of.

We, as a human race, believe we are weaker than we really are and there are examples of strength all around us.  Temple Grandin was diagnosed severely autistic in a day when no one knew what it was let alone what to do for it.  Now, because of her persistence she is not only successful but admired and revered.
On a smaller scale, my grandfather, Fred Adams, was forced to work at a very young age to support his recently divorced mother.  He worked and lived away from home at the age of 12.  Later in his life he became a successful husband, father and grandfather with pride in everything he owned.  He had struggled but had become stronger and passed his work ethic on to everyone he knew.  He was never angry about his struggles probably because he knew that is the reason for his success.

I believe that my mother struggles every day, but you would never know it.  She has more strength than anyone I know.  Boy, did her father teach her well.  I have never seen her mad at God for her lot in life and she could have been upset plenty.  She depends on God to guide her and give her strength.  She and I grow stronger and more positive each day, not because life has been easy, but because life has been challenging.
Therefore, the statement that which doesn’t destroy us only makes us stronger is most definitely true.

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