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  • Samaritan Hospital Board holds meeting

  • The Samaritan Hospital Board of Trustees meeting was on Tuesday evening. Find out what was discussed here.
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  • Tuesday evening the Samaritan Hospital Board of Trustees met in the Administrative Conference room for its regular business meeting.
    First order of business, new board members were sworn in. Those members include Patricia Knowles and Keith Maloney. Officer elections also took place. Rusty Neill made a motion to leave the slate of office's the same and add Patricia Knowles as secretary, which was approved.
    There was then an audit presentation made by Josh Wilks. It was discovered that in 2012 there was a loss of $367,727.
    Old business:
    An update on the wound clinic was then given. Construction is going well, hyperbaric chambers will be delivered soon, and the Wound Clinic Director has started holding interviews for current openings. As far as the parking lot, work is slated to begin on April 15. The project is expected to take approximately two months. McKesson Software, which was discussed at previous board meetings, has lowered their fees allowing Samaritan to continue with their software. It was also announced that Marie McDowell will join the Total Family Healthcare on June 25. Lastly under old business was an update on the MRI room. It was decided that USDA funds are available to complete the room. Management will do research on MRI manufactures and prepare recommendations in May.
    New Business:
    The financial report was covered. It stated that February had a loss of $239,754.74 compared to prior year net loss of $39,720. The discussion of a 340B program, which is a discount program, was then discussed. There are two pieces to the program. First, discount drugs for outpatient services. Secondly, contract pharmacy meaning Samaritan is in the implementation process with SunRx. There was then an equipment request for a Dialysis machine. There were three quotes presented to the board, and the board recommended the purchase of a Fresenius machine because it is the brand currently used. Lastly under new business, it was discussed that there will be a community health assessment in the future. The data from the assessment helps staff determine future projects and goals.
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