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  • Until April 23, customers of the Macon Municipal Utilities are encouraged to enroll in its Budget Billing program. This program allows customers to even out their utility costs by paying the same amount each month. A service location's 12 month average utility usage is referenced to compute their monthly payment. Eligibility criteria are listed below.
    • There must be a 12 month billing history at the service location.
    • The customer's account must have a zero balance.
    • The customer must agree to pay the full budget amount each month by the due date. If full payment is not received or if payment is not processed due to insufficient funds, MMU may return the customer to regular billing. The customer will not be eligible for budget billing until the next calendar year.
    • Budget Billing accounts are not eligible for time extensions or payment agreements.
    • Individuals that do not own their residence may participate in Budget Billing if a satisfactory deposit is on file.
    • If it is determined that a customer does not have a good history with on-time payments, a customer's budget billing request may be denied.
    This program benefits the customer by allowing them to build up a credit on their account during low usage months, and then the credit is applied towards their costs for high usage months. Customers are responsible for their own account and can monitor the balance through their monthly statement. Accounts are reconciled each April and budget billing figures are reset for this coming year.
    In addition to the budget billing program, customers can also sign up for automatic bank draft where their monthly bill amount is auto-debited from their checking or savings account.
    Applications and additional information about the budget billing and automatic bank draft programs may be received at the Macon Municipal Utilities office at 106 W. Bourke Street, Macon, MO 63552, (660)385-3173 or by visiting their website at www.maconutilities.com.
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