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  • 18 percent turnout at Tuesday's election

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  • The Macon County Courthouse opened at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning for voters to make their voices heard. There was an 18 percent voter turnout for the general election in Macon County. According to Macon County Commissioner Jon Dwiggins, the turnout was pretty good considering it being a non-congressional election.
    There were a total of 1,861 ballots counted.
    Unofficially, voters approved the local use tax that failed to pass in the November 2012 election. The use tax is not a sales tax increase, but simply a definition change so Macon County can gain funds again that go toward the roads and bridges in Macon County.
    The majority of voters also voted yes for the capital improvement county sales tax. This tax is for a three year, 1/4 of 1 percent sales tax for capital improvements only at your Macon County Park.
    "We are all very pleased with the outcomes of the use tax and the capital improvement tax as well," said Dwiggins.
    For the Samaritan Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees, Patricia Knowles won.
    Jerry Martie and Joe Claypoole were voted into the Macon County R-I School Board.
    And Jennifer Tyree-Taylor who is an incumbent was selected for City of Macon Council Ward 3.
    The unofficial Macon County elections results are as follows. The write-in individuals have not yet been released. The number following the title is how many individuals were selected for that position:
    City of Macon Councilman Ward 1 (1): Dale Wyatt-224, write-in-4
    City of Macon Councilman Ward 2 (1): Linda Farmer-184
    City of Macon Council Ward 3 (1): John Selby-30, Jennifer Tyree-Taylor- 43
    City of Macon Council Ward 4 (1): Eugene Welch- 91, write-in- 3
    City of Atlanta Mayor (1): Tony Askew- 19, write-in- 1
    Atlanta City Alderman (3): Dianne Diamond- 13, Julia Couldry- 17, write-in- 4
    City of LaPlata Alderman Ward I (1): John McGee- 73, Bill (Grizz) Adams- 39
    City of LaPlata Alderman Ward II (1): Dennis Jones- 40, Julie K. Lewis- 13, Robert L. Johnson- 28
    City of Bevier Mayor (1): Ron Johnson Sr.- 27, Angie Downey- 16, Bill Cosby- 86
    City of Bevier City Clerk (1): Trinette Peukert- 107, Debora Cannan- 22, write-in- 1
    City of Bevier Alderman (2): Patty A. Cheever- 110, George Murphy- 80, write-in- 1
    City of Callao Alderman East Ward (1): Larry E. Cross- 14
    City of Callao Alderman West Ward (1): Layla Strong- 7
    City of Elmer Mayor (1): Melissa R. Howe- 15
    City of Elmer Alderman (2): Calvin Allen- 8, Caitlin Safley- 10, Marsha Schmidt- 5, write-in- 2
    City of Elmer City Clerk & Collector (1): Write-in- 9
    Village of South Gifford Councilman (3): Neva Attebery- 8, Ronda VanHara- 13, Tracy Elizabeth Myers Cassady- 9, Mike VanHara- 11
    City of New Cambria Alderman (2): Leola Sue Jacobs- 13, write-in- 5
    City of Ethel Councilman (2): Kevin L. Souther- 17, Loren J. Morford- 18, James L. Harlow- 8
    Samaritan Memorial Hospital Board of Trustee (1): Keith Maloney- 655, Patricia Knowles- 1,077, write-in- 4
    Page 2 of 2 - Macon County N.H. Subdistrict No. 3 Board of Trustee (1): Johnna Bixenman- 150, Harlan Ellerbeck- 72, write-in- 1
    Salisbury School District R-IV Board Member (2): Scott Stefankiewicz- 1, Greg Green- 2, Ron Scheiderer- 3, Brent Wilkey- 2, Regina Boss- 1
    Bevier C-4 School District Board (2): Lisa Harrington- 107, Carrie Chiarottino- 95, Brenda Jennings- 143, write-in- 3
    Macon County R-I School Board (2): Phil Bray- 459, Jerry Martie- 682, Joe Claypoole- 659, write-in- 13
    LaPlata R-II School District Board (2): Larry Lovingier- 178, Amy Crawford- 165, Drew E. Lock- 145, write-in- 2
    Bucklin R-2 School District Board (2): Darrel E. Johnson- 10, Jeremy Molloy- 20, Carl E. Herington- 10, Lori Hanson- 11
    Hudson Special Road District (1): Yes- 649, No- 181
    Macon County Local Use tax (1): Yes- 1,006, No- 790
    Capital Improvement County Sales Tax: Yes- 1,088, No
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