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  • There is a use tax on the April 2 ballot. Find out what exactly a use tax is here.
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  • If you saw the April 2, election sample ballot, you may have noticed a local use tax. But what exactly is this use tax?
    According to Presiding Commissioner Alan Wyatt, it is not a sales tax increase, but simply a definition change.
    "It is the same rate as your sales tax that was voted on by the people and that they were paying for years," said Wyatt. "The Supreme Court decision took away part of the amount of sales tax we collected. We need to change our definition to a use tax to collect what we were already collecting. A yes vote will not mean a tax increase."
    According to Wyatt, since the sales tax was taken away in April 2012, Macon County has lost approximately $57,000. Funds that could have gone toward roads and bridges.
    "We are just trying to maintain what tax we had and not increase anything," said Wyatt. "It's affecting the amount of money we have to work on our roads and bridges."
    The citizens of Macon County voted on this use tax in November 2012, but did not pass it.
    "We just want people to know there is no additional increase in percentage and educate them on the tax," said Wyatt.
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