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  • Your tax dollars at work

  • Want to know where your landfill fee dollars have been going? Find out here.
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  • On August 4, 2009, the residents of Macon County voted for a $1.70 landfill fee that was to assist with numerous local economic development projects. And although this tax will not be voted on again until the 2016 election, it is vital to let the community know how this tax has benefited the community and continues to do so today.
    Projects that have been funded by this tax include: funding to support the Nixon Industrial Boulevard project, various street improvements, the extension of sewer lines for the Saddle Club, the ADA ramp installation at the Historical Society Museum, the implementation of a countywide recycling program and much more.
    Not only were projects such as these funded through the tax, but also a fund program was also started.
    According to Macon County Economic Development Executive Director Denise Bennett, this fund program includes loans and grants.
    "The purpose is to assist local entrepreneurs, developers and companies to either create new business or expand existing business," said Bennett. "Priority will be give to projects that facilitate job creation, business improvement, business expansion and business attraction."
    Grants are available for County and City Municipalities while loans are available for individuals and private businesses. If interested, contact Economic Development
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