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  • City of Macon City Council Candidates

  • On April 2, voters will select who will serve two years for the City of Macon City Council. Although voters will vote for one individual in all wards, there is a race for the third ward. Meet your candidates below.
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  • John Selby
    Personal background:
    I am 68 years old. I currently drive a school bus for the Macon County R-I School District. I am the former owner of dock building businesses in Lake Ozark and Beaver Lake in Arkansas and two boat floater dealerships. I retired in 1999. I am a high school graduate, attended one year of college and one year of technical school.
    Family Information:
    My fiancee is Reta.I have three children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
    Interests & Hobbies:
    Upkeep and maintenance of rental properties and grounds; deer hunting and Deer Blind sales.
    Why are you seeking a position on the Macon City Council?
    The Macon City Council needs balance. Someone to balance the rights of individuals against the demands of the greater good. Also to initiate ideas for the betterment of the city; my own and those brought to me by residents. To represent the residents of my ward on all issues.
    What are your goals if elected?
    To insure that all city ordinances and codes are being enforced in all wards and that houses that are not habitable are condemned and demolished to improve the beauty of the city. In addition, I would study sewage and excise taxes and compare water used to water going into sewage system.
    What do you feel are the most important issues facing the City of Macon?
    Attracting new businesses to Macon to provide employment for the citizens of Macon, making improvements to the City of Macon and cutting spending on things that wouldn't benefit all citizens, not just a selected few.
    Other comments:
    If elected, I will routinely visit all neighborhoods in the ward to determine any problems and visit with the residents. Anyone with problems that need to go before the council may speak with me in person or by phone and I will do my best to get the problem resolved.
    Jennifer Tyree-Taylor
    Personal background:
    I have lived in the 3rd Ward since 2000, when I purchased my first house. During that time, I have worked as a CNA & RN at LochHaven, a road construction worker with Chester-Bross, and a freezer order filler at Wal-mart. I received my ADN from MACC in 2010 and am currently employed as a Staff Development Coordinator in Brookfield, MO. I am also attending college online for my Bachelor's degree.
    Family Information:
    I am married to a wonderful man, Marc Taylor, and we have three, adorable Italian Greyhounds from the Italian Greyhound rescue society. We enjoy going for walks and bike rides on our tandem bike with the three of them in tow.
    Page 2 of 2 - Interests & Hobbies:
    My husband and I remodel and do roofing as a necessity of home ownership, however, we love square-foot gardening & composting, canoeing, bicycling, camping, competing in the MR340, as well as, living and promoting a healthy lifestyle. My personal interests are singing, sewing/quilting, playing the piano, and a prayer life.
    Why are you seeking a position on the City Council Board?
    I have thoroughly enjoyed representing the 3rd ward since 2005. I am requesting the privilege to continue to be an advocate and voice for the residents of the 3rd Ward rights, needs, and responsibilities.
    What are your goals if elected?
    In addition to the previous statement, I also would continue to be available to express 3rd ward concerns and represent the 3rd ward to the best of my ability in any and all city issues that arise. I would strive to encourage wise, fair, and financially responsible decisions.
    What do you feel are the most important issues facing the City of Macon?
    As with any city, Macon, has a diverse set of needs. The two most prominent ones that come to mind is encouraging educational development at all levels and promoting economical growth.
    Other comments?
    Please vote on April 2, 2013.
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