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  • March has gone mad

  • There are six teams signed up for the March Madness Challenge—Fit Five, Happy Happy Happy, Judge and Jury, Paper Chicks, Pink Power and The Fab Five. Read more about the challenge they signed up for here.
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  • It never fails. The New Year brings in a large crowd to the gym, but around this time of year individuals tend to fall off the resolution bandwagon. So to get those individuals back into their routine, the YMCA started a little healthy competition for the month of March—March Madness Team Fitness Challenge.
    The idea was based off a similar competition started in Pennsylvania posted on the Facebook group “Running for the Health of It.”
    “I did his challenge in fall and thought it would be a good idea for here,” said YMCA Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer Sandy Smith.
    The competition started on March 4 and ends March 31. How it works is, a team of five individuals signs up and then starts working out. Each team records their workouts and for certain activities, they gain points. At the end of each week, team captains turn in their team total and the YMCA staff will post the standings to keep teams up-to-date on their competition.  
    “We are just trying to keep people motivated until the weather gets better,” said YMCA Executive Director Angela Prenger.
    There are six teams signed up for the challenge, but more teams are always welcome. The winner of the challenge will not only get their health, but    bragging rights at the gym as well.
    “The competition makes you want to work out just that much more,” said Jessica Young. “You want to work for your team and yourself. But you really want to beat the other regulars at the gym.”
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