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  • Visiting
    Nancy Haley, Linda Moore and Bobbi Hamlin drank coffee Saturday morning with Verna Buck.
    Linden and Janet Wood, Tonya Wood, Justin, Summer and Piper Wood were recent Friday afternoon visitors of     Leola Schneider.
    Verna Buck and Lenora Grear at lunch at Choo Choo Cafe on Friday, Feb. 15.
    Doctors appointments
    David Mason of Macon visited Ronnie Mason     recently and accompanied him to Kirksville for a doctor’s appointment.
    Jim and Kathy McNew of Kirksville were recent visitors of Dorene McNew and accompanied her to a doctor appointment.
    La Plata Nursing Home
    Nancy and Gene Graham, Roberta and Karl Byers of Atlanta, Marge Stow of Macon, Nancy Heck and Verna Buck were recent visitors of Martuna Gunnells at the La Plata Nursing Home.
    Recent visitors of Stella Tuggle at the La Plata Nursing Home were J. R. Tuggle, Jane and Susie Tuggle, Loren Pippin, Ron Cleavinger, Harry Tuggle and Verna Buck.
    Sandy Gramling visited Iris Gramling and Stella Tuggle Wednesday afternoon at the La Plata Nursing Home.
    Alma Baker, Mary Beale, Leland Collins, Wanda Sedarwall, Mary Slawson, Dora Lovinger asisted with bingo last Friday at the La Plata Nursing Home.
    Barbara Buck and     Nancy McKenzie Adams spent last weekend in Kansas City shopping and visiting a friend to     celebrate Nancy’s 17th birthday.
    Glen and Sherry     Pippin and Billy Pippin attended Chase Pippin’s 13th birthday party at the home of Cliff and Shannon Pippin and Lili in Kirksville. Also attending were other grandparents.
    Has meeting
    The Class of 1951 of La Plata High School met Tuesday, Feb. 19, for lunch in La Plata. Those present were: Verna Buck, Erma Le Billings, Shirley Webber, Cecil Taylor, Roger and Mary Jarmen of Elmer, John and Louise Gaugh, Leland and Mary Moyer of Atlanta, Howard and Lucy Eiffert of     Columbia. Next meeting will be March 19.

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