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  • The Junior Achievement class has been presenting all over Macon. Find out more about the class here.
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  • If you have seen a foam orange tiger paw around town, then you have seen the work of the Macon Marketing Junior Achievement Company.
    The Macon Marketing Junior Achievement Company was created in an entrepreneur class ran through the Macon Career Center. In this course,    students must form a business, sell shares, take risks and ultimately learn real-life experience. But this isn’t the first year for Junior Achievement in Macon. The program has been around for seven years and has even sent students to nationals in Washington D.C.
    “They’re our future, so we try to put them in real life situations of creating and operating a business,” said Mentor Kevin Butner.
    The course starts out with learning business basics—how exactly to run a business. After the lesson has been taught, students can interview for spots on the board. Once the board is secured, board meetings start and the real-life business experience begins.
    This year’s class decided to make the project more real by starting with zero dollars start up cash. They secured a credit line with the Macon-Atlanta Bank for $1,500, sold stock and started from there.
    The Macon Marketing Junior Achievement Company sold Vapur Anti-Bottles, which are eco-friendly water bottles, and foam tiger paws. More than 600 water bottles and 241 shares of stock were sold this year.
    “We couldn’t be more proud of the students of Macon,” said Mayor Bagley after their presentation.
    In order to get the word out about their products, the company board has presented to various individuals in the community such as Rotary, School Board, Chamber of Commerce and even presented at the City Council meeting Tuesday evening. After their presentation, Mayor Bagley joked, “How soon do you guys plan on starting businesses and start hiring more people in Macon?”
    Once sales are over, the company prepares an annual report, pays back their shareholders and prepare for contest.  
    The students on the board include: Kaleb Welch, Michelle Brittingham, Kendall Kothe, Brennan Claas, Zach Baase and Emily Jennings.
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