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  • Our daily temperatures have been in the 20-30's, with a morning frost still appearing each day. No moisture arrived this week. We have predictions for snow this next week.
    The Atalpal 2 club met Thursday afternoon at the Santa Fe Expresso in La Plata.
    Gary and Linda Pyle visited their son, Jon Pyle and family, last week. They were there to help granddaughter, Annaliese, celebrate her third birthday. Other family helping to celebrate were Susanne, Charley and Alexander Owen Pyle.
    Dean and Marietta Slaughter and Donna Gray attended the MFA Agri dinner Friday in La Plata.
    A birthday party was held for Karen Manigold this last week. Surprising her were her son, Butch Manigold of Raleigh; North Carolina, mother Fairy Worcester; Tawyna and Howard Worcester, Shawn Haache and husband, Walter.
    David Gunnels ate Valentine's lunch, with Pearl Perry at the La Plata Nursing Home.
    Gail Curtis helped Dean Slaughter this week with some work on the farm.
    Lana and Mike Daniels, Jeremy Jarman were Sunday visitors of Roger and Mary Jarman.
    Tom and Carla Easley, Brian Easley and girls, Karli and Maci Easley enjoyed Valentine's supper at Ethel Santa Fe Restaurant.
    Mike, Jennifer and Timerrick Gunnels, Nikisha Couch and children, Christy Bristow and Dillon Huddleston were Sunday supper guests of Connie and David Gunnels.
    Richard and Sharron Burns celebrated Valentine's day by dining at the Ethel Santa Fe Restaurant Saturday evening.
    Sunday attendance at Gifford Christian Church included the minister, Barry Richardson and his wife, Sammie, children Zoey, Zadie, Ezekiel and Offie, Kirby Bailey, Debbie Newland, Donna and Jerry Gray, Kim Shoop, Dean and Marietta Slaughter, Rich and Sharron Burns, Donna and Bud Seibold, Chad, Amanda, Morgan and Claire Belfield.
    Maci and Karli Easley spent Saturday night with grandparents, Tom and Carla Easley.
    Nikisha Couch and children and Connie visited Pearl Perry at La Plata Nursing home this week.

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