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by Antonio Prokup
Sacred Heart: I Absolutely love My Church
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By Antonio Prokup
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Sacred Heart; My Heart<>
I absolutely love my church.  The peace and tranquility I feel in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church fills me thoroughly.  It is like the sun flowing through a plant allowing it to grow.  This church fills me with faith and love beyond what is imaginable.  I sit in the silence wondering if God is sitting by me, touching me, and guiding me.  I look at the statues and think about the lives of the people they represent.  I gaze at Mary and am enamored by her desire to please God and protect her son.  Her faith is what drives her and this is the example I live by.  Sitting in this special church also brings the people in my heart, which has left this earth, closer to me.  I love the feeling in my heart when I sit in my Sacred Heart Church.<>

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