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  • City Council Meeting

  • The Macon City Council held its monthly meeting Tuesday Evening. Find out what was discussed here.
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  • There was a full house for a full agenda at the Macon City Council Meeting on Tuesday evening.
    After approving minutes from previous meetings and accounts payable and reviewing the financial report and old business, the Junior Achievement class made a presentation. The presentation shared the class’ achievements from past and present years. Look out for a more in-depth story on our Junior Achievement class.
    The bids for the Round House renovation were then discussed. Four bids were received to make the following renovations: addition for restrooms and storage, new lighting, ceiling fans, new cabinets, new windows, new front door, floor refinishing, handicap ramp, parking and landscaping. After a vote, the lowest bid of $137,573.00, Holman Construction, won.
    The request to allow Sharon Scott, owner of Jaeger Coffee House, to serve food in an outside area was tabled till next meeting.
    Next, the purchase of 7.6 acres of real estate from the Army Corps of Engineers was approved. General Manager of Macon Utilities Stephanie Wilson stated the land, which connects to land already owned by the City of  Macon Municipal Utilities, would be used for a future water plant site. The location will protect in   appropriate access to the future water plant, making it a more secure local    water source.
    There was then discussion of residency requests made by two Macon Police Officers. Both officers’ requests to move out of Macon were approved, but it led to discussion of future residency requests. Mayor Dale Bagley created a committee that will meet in the future to finalize a rule from one of three options. One, there is no residency requirement; the employee can live wherever. Two, the employee must live within a 10 minute radius or 15 mile drive. Or lastly, the city employee must live in the city of Macon.
    The re-appointment of Alan Spencer to the Board of Adjustment was then    approved.
    Lastly, a lease agreement between the Macon County Commission and     Onshore Technology was discussed. The lease that is still being drafted would be a triple net lease (meaning the lessee, Onshore, would be responsible for all maintenance and repair at the complex) between the County and Onshore for the MoDOT complex.  According to Allan Muncy, Onshore has created 51 jobs. By keeping them in this building with room to expand, we are keeping the business and jobs in Macon. The lease was then approved
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