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  • YMCA gets new equipment

  • The YMCA got a new line of strength training equipment. Find out more here.
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  • Tuesday afternoon the YMCA weight area was wrapped off with caution tape. Not because there was an accident, but because brand new strength training circuit equipment was being installed for its members.
    "It is exciting for it to get here and to really be happy with it," said Member Services Director Brandi Kohl.
    The YMCA got 15 new pieces of the Cybex VR3 line, which replaced the YMCA's 12-year old equipment.
    "It is a pretty big deal for us," said Executive Director Angie Prenger." This is the first time we have purchased brand new outright strength training equipment. We probably wont buy this kind of equipment again for at least 20 years."
    Plus, the new equipment has new features that will help the YMCA suit all members no matter what age group, gender or body type.
    "We are excited about a couple of adjustments that will limit the range of motion. Before, we couldn't adapt to people who had knee problems, for example, and now this equipment's biomechanics fits the body better so hopefully people who couldn't get on the old equipment will be able to get on this equipment," said Prenger.
    Although the YMCA staff was thrilled about their new additions, they were most excited about seeing their member's reactions.
    "We didn't give the members a heads up that the new equipment was coming, so it will be a surprise," said Kohl. "It is very exciting
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