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    Here it is as promised.  All I could come up with about the former Bucklin business, Tri State Printers.   There is no mention of this business in either of the Bucklin History Books.
    Due  to the book loaned by a friend and calls from former employees and neighbors we now know the following:  Tri State Printers was came to Bucklin in 1952 or 1953.   Letters of approval were printed in the company’s booklet from P. E. Rouse, President of the Bucklin State Bank and R. H. Stocksdale, Secretary of the Bucklin Chamber of Commerce.
    The company owned by W. C. Kienast and George A. King printed cook books, church history books, birthday calendars, telephone directories and year books.  This business was located in a two-story brick building with 5,000 square feet of floor space in downtown Bucklin.
    There are 41 employees in a group picture taken in 1953 or 1954. According to a former employee the first typists were Marilyn (Witt) Williams, Oneta (Head) Wolf, Emily (Borron) Switzer and Evelyn (Jenkins) Riley.    The first secretary was Edna Keathley.   Marj King went to work in the bindery as soon as the company opened.  Warren Jay Mendenhall, Rose Mary Medndenhall and Ralph LeMay were also among first to go to work for this new business.   According to a caller from Ethel, Woodrow Bergman did outsource printing in his plant near Goldsberry.
    In the company’s booklet Marliyn Williams loaned me, there were letters from groups complimenting the quality of the Tri State books and calendars.
    However, no one can tell me when the company left town.  It was probably 1956 or 1957 according to a former employee’s best guesses.  
    President Thelma Jones conducted the regular monthly meeting of the BCA Jan. 21,  at the Community Building.   All officers and eight members were present.   Secretary Stacey Anders read the minutes of the November meeting and they were approved as read.   Treasurer David Jenkins gave the financial report which was accepted.
    Entertainment Chairman Bob Davis reported the entertainment for our August Homecoming is set with the exception of Thursday evening.   He is contacting a gospel music group and will report on that progress at the February meeting.    Bob, Gabe Switzer and David Jenkins will be attending the Fairs and Festival Convention in Columbia the end of this month.
    Fundraising chairperson Lori Davis has a full slate of projects for the BCA this year.   There is a tee shirt sale coming up to celebrate the 75th annual Bucklin Homecoming in August 2013.  Bids were discussed and the bid from Kelly’s Petals and Printing was accepted.
    Page 2 of 2 - Lori and David Jenkins will work on a logo for the shirts.  It is hoped samples will be ready for the February meeting and shirt sales can get underway.  These final dates were reserved at the Community Building for the following projects: Feb. 24, lunch of chili/vegetable soup from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.; March 16, the annual Irish Stew at 6 p.m. for all the community;  March 30, Easter Egg Hunt in the park for all the children;  April 14, will be a fried chicken dinner with serving from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
    The group is interested in working with the city to renovate the food stand at the park this spring.   Contact any of the BCA officers or city officials to give suggestions.
    Membership dues are due.    Marj King will be asked to lead a membership drive this month.    If you would like to be a part of this organization, the price of membership is $5 per person.   You
    Eden St. Dennis celebrated her 12th birthday with a pizza dinner and Star Trek party on Sunday Jan. 20.  Guests were: Rhonda Noah-Lemley, Overland Park, Kan.; Gabrielle Gudehus, Kansas City; Johnna Bixenman, Macon; David Jenkins, Glen Montgomery; Olivia Montgomery, Don and Doris Noah, Jamie, Darla and Heath St. Dennis all from Bucklin.  Greg Noah was an afternoon caller.
    Do you have an item for the Bucklin Bits?  If so please call 695-3600
    or email dnoah112@gmail.com or feel free to come by our house anytime with your news.  Each article is welcome and just what it takes to make the news newsy.
    By Doris Noah

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