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  • By Verna Buck
    I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and is enjoying 2013. My apologies for no news recently. Bobby was in the hospital Dec. 7 to Dec. 14 and back again on Dec. 22 for a problem and we aren’t doing so well.
    Sunday visitors were W. R., Mike and Eddie Buck, Bobbi Hamlin, Candi     Ralston, and Alma Baker. Visiting us on Wednesday afternoon were     Lonnie Byrn of Kirksville, D. C. Trowbridge of Ottumwa, Eddie Buck and Barb Englehard of Marceline. Also visiting have been Rob Cole and Braydon of Kirksville, Donna Gray and Carol Ward.
    Doctors visits
    Stella Tuggle was     admitted to Samaritan Hospital on Jan. 17 after falling in the kitchen.
    Jerry Thomas accompanied Peggy Thomas to Columbia Wednesday for a doctor’s appointment.
    Nursing home visits
    William Fredman and Marguerite Hodges visited Bobby Buck, Roma Rodriguez and Ruby Patterson at La Plata Nursing home recently.
    Joining Red Roberts for music at La Plata Nursing home on Thursday Jan. 10 were Jack and Betty Settle of Ethel, Dean Green, Susan Calef, Oscar Shaffer and Delores Davis. Joining them on Monday evening were Glen and Sherry Pippin, Carl Campbell, Tom Ruttinger, Duane and Jeanette Chrisman, Jimmy Overstreet, Ray Kirkpatrick and Jana Russon.
    Family dinner
    Glen, Sherry and Billy Pippin hosted a family dinner at family life center on Jan. 5.
    Returned to nursing home
    Roma Rodriquez returned to LaPlata Nursing Home on Sun. Jan. 13, after a week at North East Regional. Visistors have been her children and grandchildren. Also her brother, Lewis Wilson.
    Jim Sparrow returned to LaPlata Nursing home after spending several days at North East Regional. Visitors have been Sharon Dore, Linda Montgomery, Susan Calef and Oscar Shaffer.
    Nancy and Eugene Graham have been recent visitors of Marteena Gunnells.
    Esty Eyler of Baring visited Helen Nichols last Sunday.
    Robert and Garna Fredman brought supper Saturday evening to help William Fredman celebrate his birthday. Marguerite Hodges was also a guest.
    Returns home
    Carol Ward of High Point, N.C., returned home Saturday after spending the week with Peggy and Jerry Thomas and family. She also visited Martha Bragg.
    Atalpal Club
    Bonelle Crosby was hostess to the Atalpal Club on Dec. 10 which was held at the La Plata Nursing Home. Lunch was served followed by a short business meeting. Present were: Iris Chaney; Peggy Thomas; Ellen Wood; Ella Clem; Maxine Lock and Betty Jo Williams.  Bonelle gave a program with everyone receiving a gift of Bonelle’s homemade candy. The next meeting will be in March.
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