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  • by Marsha Hammons
     Women’s Council met Jan. 9 at Atlanta Christian Church with 16 ladies present.  President Barbara Slaughter opened the meeting with a welcome and prayer.  We will send $45 to Ronald McDonald House to help someone stay for three nights.  Paper products are being collected in January to take to Ronald McDonald House.  It was suggested that we give JOY boxes to people at some other time instead of at Christmas.  It was decided to give a box for Valentine’s Day.  Dale Wilson will be singing for the Valentine’s program on Feb. 10 at 7 p.m.  A carry-in supper will be held at 6 p.m.  We will meet at 10 a.m. on Feb. 9 to decorate the tables.  President, Barbara Slaughter, announced that since she will be moving to Texas, Vice President, Carolyn Reed will be taking over as president.  We will need someone to fill the vice president’s office.  Representatives from the Romanian  Orphanage that we support will be coming to speak on Tuesday, Jan. 29.  We will have a carry-in soup and sandwich and dessert supper that night.  It was reported that 41 greeting cards were sent since the December meeting.  There were 30 Valentines signed  to send to the elderly, shuts-ins, and college students.  Prayer requests were given and Mae Graham led in prayer.  Barb Slaughter gave the devotion, a skit about Martha and Mary, “Are You Ready”.  Barb also served refreshments.
     Wayne and Elizabeth Beeson visited Kyle and Cindy Beeson over the weekend.  They also attended the funeral  of Billy Joe Beeson.
     On Sunday, Mae Graham and Rhoda Graham had lunch in Macon.  Later they visited Sarah Grinder and played board games.
     Cassie Graham, Kyley and Dustin Majors visited Rhoda Graham Wednesday night.
     Daniel and Julie Kay Howe and Sheridan visited Basil and Marsha Hammons Sunday.
     Larry Fletcher visited Basil Hammons Wednesday night.
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