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  • There's a new Sheriff in town

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  • I want you all to know something. There’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Kevin Shoemaker. So y’all be cool.  Unfortunately this isn’t “Blazing Saddles” or Sheriff Shoemaker would be riding into town on a horse. Soon enough, however, the Sheriff along with his officers will be riding into town in new vehicles. That is only one of the many new changes Shoemaker plans to make. His current plans for the future are as follows.
    -Write a monthly update for the Chronicle-Herald that includes what he is doing each month, what to look forward to, totals for the month and issues the department has had. “People want to know exactly what is going on, and I want to tell them as much as I can legally,” said Shoemaker.
    -Personnel changes inside the office, which have already taken place. “The changes are for the betterment of this office,” said Shoemaker. “We will be short staffed for a little while, but those will be filled shortly.”
    -Upgrade the image of the department by upgrading uniforms and vehicles. “We have saved a lot of money by purchasing very salvaged vehicles, but then if you look at the backside of that, maintenance and repairs add up to the cost of what a new vehicle would cost,” said Shoemaker. “By providing a rural enforcement vehicle package we will be more capable of serving citizens in rural areas .”
    -Get a new jail because the current one is in poor condition. “It’s getting ready to fall in,” said Shoemaker. “There is no better way to put it than we need a new jail.” Shoemaker met with the commissioner on January 3, about the Macon County Jail Project and the steps to look into one.
    Ultimately, Shoemaker’s goal is to provide the best service possible to the citizens of Macon County. “It will take a little while to get the wheels turning on everything,” said Shoemaker. “Patience.”
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