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  • Schools aim for healthier options

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  • If students want more salt added to their food at lunch at Macon R-1 it is BYOSS (Bring your own salt shaker), and many are doing just that.
    Starting this school year, students can have only 740 milligrams of salt in the food served. A small packet of salt is provided if a student asks a  server for it in the school cafeteria.
    Gayle McVay, Food Service Supervisor at R-1 said the paper work and planning are taking the fun out of preparing the meals for the students.”
    “In 2013, the amount of protein the students get will be decreased,” McVay said. “This year it is calories and sodium amounts that is being managed with the government regulations.
    Next year, meat or a meat alternate amount will be one ounce daily for students K-8; and 2 ounces daily for 9-12 graders.
    “Which means an 8th grade boy will get one fish stick or three chicken nuggets on the day they are on the menu, along with     other food groups chosen,” McVay said.
    In the 10 years that she has planned and served meals for students who are in kindergarten through 12th grade, she said this year has been the most challenging.
    “I’m noticing more sack lunches in high school and middle school. There is an increase in food  being thrown away in elementary,” she said. “I’m sure they will all get used to the changes.”
    There is a poster that looms in the high school/middle school cafeteria entitled, “Choose a Healthy Tray.”
    It states the students “must” choose at least three of the five groups, and of the groups, one  “must” be a fruit or vegetable.” The five groups are:
    • Meat
    • Grain
    • Vegetable
    • Fruit
    • Milk
    “We find a lot of fruits and vegetables in the trash can,” she said.

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